The purpose of the website is to provide Internet users with current and reliable knowledge about the Ukrainian Internet's development.

The website shows the popularity of particular operating systems and web browsers. It also presents screen resolutions chosen by visitors most often, a ranking of referring countries and information about the level of cookie blockage.

Presented data is culled from Internet users who visit the Ukrainian web sites using gemiusTraffic - a research study designed to analyze Internet traffic on web sites.

The research study is carried out in many European countries. We recommend also websites containing data on:
 the Polish Internet
the Czech Internet
 the Hungarian Internet
the Lithuanian Internet
the Latvian Internet
the Estonian Internet
The author of the website is Gemius SA, the leader and precursor of complex Internet research in Central and Eastern Europe.

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The principles of data citation

Summary of rankings
03.04.2007 - 09.04.2007:

  Operating systems
No. Operating systemsvisitors (cookies)
Ukraine abroad
1  Windows XP
2  Windows 2000
3  Windows 98

  Web browsers
No. Web browsersvisitors (cookies)
Ukraine abroad
1  MSIE 6.x
2  Opera 9.x
3  MSIE 7.x

  Search domains
No. Search domainsUkraine abroad